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Khephera “Kheph” Rakhu is the Chief Visionary Officer of Better Family Life Minnesota, Inc. He is passionate about the overall development of families...View Details

Matthew is a Co-Founder and Principal Partner of Quayo Ecosense – a boutique consulting firm focused on bespoke solutions to organizations in the area...View Details

Greg Dayley is an internet entrepreneur based in Bellingham, WA. Since 2016 he has… Built one of the largest hair accounts on Instagram. Helped thousa...View Details

John Way is the founder of where he specializes in clearing roadblocks for time-crunched leaders who feel stuck and propel them to the ...View Details

It's an interesting thing how myths can impact our lives in powerful waves. On this episode, I talk about the Pygmalion effect and how this Greek myth...View Details

After studying the lives of great leaders and experiencing great leaders, there's one interesting approach that is common to their leadership. These l...View Details

In this episode, I interview Jacqueline Wales. We touch on so many powerful insights and pieces of wisdom I can't put it all here but 3 points that st...View Details

This has been a challenging and uncomfortable year for many of us and in many ways, not by our choosing. But if we are to continue growing personally ...View Details

Communication, community, and freedom are 3 of the things that Dan provides as a leader of his organization. In this episode, Dan shares how this has ...View Details

If you're like me, there are seasons where you feel held back. Like there's something in the way or someone (myself) preventing the opportunities and ...View Details

Welcome to a new episode of the SAGE mindset podcast, in today’s episode my guest is a 23 year veteran of practicing law. His insights into contractin...View Details

My guest today is the founder and CEO of Cutter Consulting Group, he grew up in Fremont, California. He has a bachelor’s degree in marine biology (wit...View Details

In this Live episode, I talked about the importance of using Lead Measures to accomplish your goals. These are the measures that will truly get you th...View Details

In part 2 of this 7 part series, we focus on using accountability to create balance in your life. Most people don't think of accountability as a way t...View Details

On this special Christmas Eve edition of the SAGE Mindset Podcast, I share with you a very personal story about my relationship with God and how it ha...View Details

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