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Welcome to another episode! I have a fun interview for you today. Liz and Jason Medwid are my guests and they come to the show full of wisdom from the...View Details

Wow! I've now recorded 100 episodes. My plan from the beginning was to start this thing and keep it going but it seems a bit surreal to be at #ep100! ...View Details

Sometimes we need wake-up calls to help us focus on what we were meant to focus on. Sometimes those wake-up calls take months and years to really take...View Details

This has been a challenging and uncomfortable year for many of us and in many ways, not by our choosing. But if we are to continue growing personally ...View Details

Today we have Rob Bedell with us. He is the author of The S Word: Sales: The Lifeblood of Your Business. The man walks, talks, and breathes sales. Unf...View Details

In this episode, I talk about how we all struggle with confidence and how to overcome that little by little. We learn about how Contribution, Compassi...View Details

"Look into the pain to find purpose." That's one of many pieces of SAGE wisdom that my guest, Nathaneal Zurbruegg shared on this episode.  Nathaneal h...View Details

In this live episode, I talk about why we screw up goals and what you can do to change this pattern. 

My guest today on this episode is a 23 year veteran of the Air Force, founder and president, of LDR Executive Coaching, and a grandfather of 3 fantast...View Details

In this Live episode, I talked about the importance of using Lead Measures to accomplish your goals. These are the measures that will truly get you th...View Details

Welcome to episode 23 of the SAGE Mindset Podcast. In this episode, I focus on the 10 things that successful people do that you need to start doing ri...View Details

Not all goals are created equal and no goal does anything for you unless you develop a close relationship with your goal. To get access to the SMART G...View Details

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