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When was the last time you were in flow in business or in a conversation? Do you remember what that was like?  MaryKay shares her insights on how she ...View Details

We all love tips, hacks, or tricks to help us run our businesses better. In this episode, I share a secret weapon that will help you unlock the potent...View Details

Heather Saulsbury is the owner and co-founder of PNWBUSHCRAFT, a family business she started with her husband in 2014. They focus on creating amazing ...View Details

In this episode, Tyler shares several stories from his years performing and the lessons he learned in the process. He teaches us the power of story an...View Details

Catherine Cantey is a 20 year veteran in the corporate world and shares her powerful insights with us on this episode. She is a tenacious connector, r...View Details

Welcome to another episode of the SAGE Mindset Podcast. Today I interview Brian Steele, the author of The Kingdom Field Guide. It's about a powerful a...View Details

Today’s guest is an author, visual storyteller, and the CEO of the Visual storytelling institute. His perspective and insights on storytelling are exc...View Details

To find a single question that can change your life and business is a pretty lofty ambition but in the book, "The Coaching Habit" Michael Stainer may ...View Details

In this episode, I interview Jennifer Larsen who helps us understand what it means to honor and respect others in our relationships and gives us some ...View Details

With Thanksgiving being tomorrow, I'm sure most of us will enjoy some food and football! But with Thanksgiving comes people dynamics that can be diffi...View Details

One of the defining attributes of great leaders in all of our lives is their ability to listen and ask great questions. We all know the 80/20 rule. Wh...View Details

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