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It's an interesting thing how myths can impact our lives in powerful waves. On this episode, I talk about the Pygmalion effect and how this Greek myth...View Details

What do you do when you lose 90% of your ability to see? You focus your vision and accomplish amazing things for the world and for God. This is the jo...View Details

Todays's episode may be the most unique one to date. It also might be my favorite. In this episode, I have a fun conversation with my grandma about he...View Details

In part three of this series, I look at the powerful practice of prayer in leadership and how you can use it to be more reflective, get powerful insig...View Details

Wow! I've now recorded 100 episodes. My plan from the beginning was to start this thing and keep it going but it seems a bit surreal to be at #ep100! ...View Details

Sometimes we need wake-up calls to help us focus on what we were meant to focus on. Sometimes those wake-up calls take months and years to really take...View Details

Communication, community, and freedom are 3 of the things that Dan provides as a leader of his organization. In this episode, Dan shares how this has ...View Details

In this episode, I talk about how we all struggle with confidence and how to overcome that little by little. We learn about how Contribution, Compassi...View Details

This episode was recorded live just before Thanksgiving but I wanted to post it this week because many of us are transitioning to a new phase of socia...View Details

Mark Jones is a 16 year veteran of the US air force, for 13 years he’s been the pastor of Wakefield Valley Bible Church, and he is also the owner of C...View Details

Have you ever looked at the back of a seed packet? It tells you exactly what to do to make the seed flourish. In leadership, we don’t have that luxury...View Details

Listening is not easy. Ask any parent, boss, or spouse and they'll confirm that one! To listen well requires work. Here's some reality about listening...View Details

It's finally here! Part-7 of this series has finally arrived. This episode wraps everything together and will give you the context you need to apply t...View Details

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