Matthew is a Co-Founder and Principal Partner of Quayo Ecosense – a boutique consulting firm focused on bespoke solutions to organizations in the areas of Business Process Automation, Outsourced Internal Audit Services, Business Analytics & Risk Management.

In today's episode, Matthew shares with us some powerful insights on business automation and working smarter. 

His story starts in 2016 when he collapsed at his work in the oil fields. He knew something needed to change. This is when the idea for Quayo Ecosense come to him and he's been helping businesses be more successful using automation for several years now. 

Matthew shares three powerful insights on today's episode. 
• Get a mentor, coach, or accountability partner as soon as you can.
• It's okay to fail but when you do, look to the lesson the failure taught you and learn from them.
• Stay focused and keep focused until the cycle on that focus is complete. Then refocus elsewhere.

You can connect with Akano Adebayo Matthew on LinkedIn by visiting

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