Do your kids ever drive you nuts? Do you find you struggle to communicate with your kids or get your point across to them in a way that they will hear?

In this episode of the SAGE Mindset Podcast, Brandon Parker (CEO of Assessments 24X7) and Cathy Hanson (Director of Instructional Design and Certification) introduce us to a powerful new assessment they've developed that will help you and your kids communicate much more effectively.

The DISC Kids tool gives kids, parents, teachers, and coaches alike simple and immediately applicable insights on the communication style of the children in your lives! This breakthrough assessment has already helped dozens of parents and hundreds of relationships build better connections and enhance communication.

Brandon and Cathy share stories of how this has helped them personally and in the lives of other kids. You'll want to tune in to this episode to learn how DISC Kids can truly help the dynamics of communication in the living room, classroom, and beyond.

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