In this episode, LinkedIn expert Daniel Alfon shares helpful insights and tips on what LinkedIn is really for. You'll be surprised by what he shares.

A few of the key insights that you can immediately apply include LinkedIn serves as a funnel to get people to go to your website and interact there, it's not about the metrics of LinkedIn but how LinkedIn is impacting your business metrics, and your profile is not about YOU it's about THEM (your prospects and what they want). Daniel is the author of "Build a LinkedIn Profile for Business Success."

Daniel joined LinkedIn in early 2004 and publishes articles, interviews, and exclusive content about advanced LinkedIn strategies to clients and subscribers to his website,

Visit his website to experience a powerful 1:1 call to help you make the most of your LinkedIn profile.

You can also download Daniel's powerful quadrant PDF to help you design a next level profile by clicking the Bitly link below.

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