The author of Toast: Short Speeches, Big Impact. Eddie is a speechwriter and public speaking coach with 10 years of experience in the field. He loves creating strong narrative-driven speeches that focus on balancing emotional and thought-leadership content. He has worked with executives, business leaders, nonprofit leaders, and everyone in between.

In today's episode, Eddie shares with us some powerful tips on how to prepare for and give great speeches. One tip he shared is to write your key message in one sentence and center your speech around this message. Eddie suggests as you prepare for your speech and you deliver, imagine the audience is asking you great questions and you are responding to these in your speech.

Finally, find some stories in your life and take the mess from those stories and turn them into messages that will help your audience.

If you'd like to connect with Eddie, you can email him at or visit any of the online book retailers to purchase Toast: Short Speeches, Big Impact.


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