Greg Dayley is an internet entrepreneur based in Bellingham, WA.

Since 2016 he has…

Built one of the largest hair accounts on Instagram.

Helped thousands of hairstylists grow their businesses

Invested in, and later sold a haircare company featured on Shark Tank!

His latest venture,, is a shampoo and conditioner bar company that helps clean up ocean trash.

In today's episode, Greg shares his origin story of how he began as an entrepreneur when he was 7 and the accidental discovery of his passion. Greg shares some wise insights on the differences we can make in our businesses in simple ways.

With SeaBar, he gives all of us a path to learn from and to join him on for cleaning up our oceans and cleaning up the impact our businesses have on our world. When asked what his insights have been on running businesses Greg shared, a unique perspective on strengths and weaknesses that you'll want to hear.

Finally, as someone who deals with Dyslexia on a daily basis, Greg suggests we all could slow down a bit and be more objective about ourselves and our performance.

To connect with Greg, visit

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