Today's guest on the SAGE Mindset podcast is known as the King of the Thrill Pill Cult. Shaahin Cheyene shares his story of sleeping in the trunk of his car and behind speakers after raves to his Billion dollar herbal pill company.

Shaahin speaks of his terrible career in crime and how those experiences helped him realize a better bath that led to over a billion in sales. Shaahin suggests there are 4 legs to the table of building wealth.

1) Have a solid job.

2) Create cashflow positive real estate investments.

3) Invest in the market with companies that pay you a dividend.

4) Run an e-commerce business.

This formula has allowed him to have the time and financial freedom he has always desired and now he's helping 1000s of people do the same through his Amazon courses and mentoring.

You can connect with him by visiting

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