My guest on today’s episode is a financial advisor, blogger, and the creator of the Millennial Manhood podcast.

On the Millennial Manhood podcast, he is dedicated to cultivating conversations that will help young men improve themselves and their communities by building their confidence, encouraging taking initiative, and coaching professional persistence.

From stories of war and suffering in the 1800s to the importance of manhood in Melinnials of today, we talk about the importance of legacy, opportunities, and mentoring. In this conversation, you will learn that we have an amazing opportunity to make a mark on this world. If we’re not careful, that legacy will fade, that mark won’t be left.

I want to introduce you to my guest Jovica Djurdjevic as he helps you to know how you can leave your mark for generations to come.

Music on this episode by Jason Strange

To get in contact with Jovica, please visit


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