In today's episode, I have CEOX founder Luann Abrams. From her time in venture capital as a partner at FoundersPad, an early-stage venture fund, she was compelled to find a solution to the inequities in leadership she saw at growing startups. 

Luann shares a powerful story of how women can be overlooked for roles that would be a perfect fit. This experience is what inspired her to start CEOX. 

CEOX is a database and networking community that elevates women into CEO and board member roles. She has helped place dozens of women into CEO roles and sees a future where this is the norm. 

Some insights Luann shared on this episode include: 
Don't be afraid to start slow with your business idea. Guard your time and take care of yourself so you can serve at your best and stay in balance. Finally, she encourages everyone to maintain a mindset of curiosity and learning. 

You can connect with Luann by visiting

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