John Way is the founder of where he specializes in clearing roadblocks for time-crunched leaders who feel stuck and propel them to the next level. 

He has a 20+ years track record of successfully leading digital transformation efforts in Fortune 500 companies and his work has won him both internal and industry acclaim. 

In this episode, John shares several insightful ideas and tips to help you become a better leader and communicate more effectively. John believes that clear communication is the skill that all great leaders need to master and he is helping make this possible with his business. 

Secondly, in business, there are three simple questions that will help you achieve more and stay accountable. Who? What? When? Summarized as Who is doing What by When? Finally, John believes in the importance of setting up people for success. 

To learn more about how he makes this possible with his team and business, please connect with him by visiting


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