In today's episode of the SAGE Mindset Podcast, Jonathan and Renee Harris teach us how to parent the passions of your kids. As parents of 9 kids and the creators of the Parent Their Passion approach to helping your kids have marketable skills for the business world, they share great insights on how this approach has changed their lives and the lives of their kids. 

As you listen, you'll learn about the compound interest effect of this approach. They share insights on how to help your kids shift from consumers to producers along with a simple approach to helping your kids get the most out of their passions through blogging. 

The husband & wife team, Jonathan & Renee Harris, have years of experience fine-tuning & developing a strategy now dubbed “Parent Their Passion” that can be used to create a compelling & irresistible unique portfolio of a child’s marketable talent. They now coach other parents through the step-by-step method that can be used with any child, of any type of personality.

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