After Kelli Calabrese's excruciatingly painful divorce, she got certified as a Divorce Coach to get healed and help others do the same. Kelli founded Intentionally Fabulous and began her mission to help women going through any stages of separation and divorce go from fearful to fearlessly pursue what sets their soul on fire.

She takes a spirit, mind-body approach to help women redefine themselves to live an extraordinary bonus life filled with peace, joy, gratitude, self-love, and celebration.

In today's episode, we get an inside look at how she came to help so many women going through a divorce and the methods she uses to help them. She shares the importance of forgiveness for others and yourself. Limiting the judgemental and critical spirit many of us can have.

Finally, she makes the point that she wants to help others see what the highest possible good could in the situation.

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