Who are you attracting to your network? Who are you repelling? When you take control of your network and answer both of these questions, you are beginning to unlock The Connection Method®. 

In this episode, I interview Kelsey Kurtis, a branding educator, lifestyle branding photographer, author, energetic speaker, and unapologetic cheerleader for leaders in business. She is the author of The Connection Method® and creator of Connection-Based Branding. 

Kelsey is a genius at helping people define and refine who they are. She shares her own experiences learning this about herself and overcoming the imposter syndrome that came with it. 

You'll learn the importance of building your network through a simple process of defining who you want to attract and who you want to repel. Kelsey shares how we need to build an ideal community of people that energize us and remove those that deplete us. 

To learn more about The Connection Method® and to connect with Kelsey check out her Instagram https://www.instagram.com/kelseymkurtis/

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