Khephera “Kheph” Rakhu is the Chief Visionary Officer of Better Family Life Minnesota, Inc. He is passionate about the overall development of families and their communities through awareness, access, and acquiring wealth. His vision is to see a better life for all families. 

His main focuses are on catalyzing institutions, companies, and influencers to the commitment to BFL-MN’s mission in advancing the equity, education, and life experiences of Minnesota’s families at every stage of life. 

In this episode, Kheph shares the story of how he overcame challenging odds to find success in athletics, college, and professionally. His experience with two mentors in his life led him and his wife to a position in BFL-MN and they are continuing to impact the community in big ways through their hard work and community development. 

Kheph shares that if you want to get out of the "stuck" place you are in or a challenging situation, you need PIE. 

• Performance
• Information 

He shares it starts with exposure. Being around people, opportunities, and knowledge will lead to the information and performance changes necessary to get you where you are supposed to go. 

Finally, when asked what the number one challenge for people engaging in this program is, Keph said it is belief. Belief in family, belief in community, and belief in a different future. 

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