In this episode, Leonardo Ochoa shares from his more than 10 years of experience as a CFO. His main role has been helping businesses transition their home offices to Mexico. He shares his insights on these experiences. He says many companies, entrepreneurs and investors have a great vision but legal, regulatory, and operational issues limit them in the fulfillment of their objectives, even more so when the company is outside their country.

He serves as the tour guide to overcoming these challenges. This need inspired him to do what he does today, even though he's a CFO his main experience is in helping to establish new companies to settle in Mexico. His unique position gives him the ability to understand the cultural differences between countries and people to be a mediator between their culture and that of Mexico. Leonardo shares from his experiences the necessity of truth in business and creating accountability through operating procedures.

He says the three lessons he would share with his younger self to guarantee success would be:

1.- Health comes first, leading a healthy life is what allows you to achieve all your goals.

2.- Trust your work team, but establish adequate controls.

3.- Never give up, overcome all obstacles and take advantage of every opportunity you have.


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