Merit Kahn is CEO of SELLect Sales Development, certified in Emotional Intelligence, and speaks at conferences and sales kick-off events on the four words that transform sales.

She trains and coaches high-performing entrepreneurs and sales teams for multi-million dollar international brands. In her spare time, Merit writes and performs stand-up comedy.

In today's episode, Merit talks about the importance of Emotional Intelligence in selling and how building your sales mindset will help you become someone prospects want to select.

She shares the simple idea that when you ask people "Are you open to..." there are incredible opportunities. This is not just a simple question she asks prospects and clients but a philosophy that helped her land a spot on a Showtime comedy special. Merit lives the idea of making yourself selectable!

There are three main components to consider as you grow your sales muscle. She speaks on mindsets, mechanics, and motions (emotions).

The key question I want to leave you with from this episode is, "Have you already decided it can't get any better, or are you open to a new possibility?"

To learn more about Merit and her business and for a helpful download, visit

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