In today's episode, Philip from C Suite IMPACT group shares his SAGE wisdom on how he has created a high-impact group of consulting companies. Through C Suite IMPACT, Phil and his team have done business in 30 states, helping clients with Growth, Performance, and Succession.

Phil shares the story of what broke his work-a-holism and opened the door to the massive impact he and his teams have been able to make. It started with his son's middle school graduation and ended with a whole new perspective on life and business. 

There were many lessons shared in this episode but three of them jump out to me:

  • Persist with your passion but slow down and enjoy what you have at the same time.
  • If something doesn't feel right, don't try and make it work. Listen to your intuition. 
  • Pay yourself first. Then be careful to not grow your expenses more than your income. 

For Philip, all of this points to the importance of balance. It's your own type of balance but balance nonetheless. 

To learn how Philip and his business partners serve their clients and can potentially support you, visit

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