Welcome to another episode of the SAGE Mindset Podcast. Today's guest is the author of The Entrepreneur's Secret Weapon, a marketing expert, and morning routine guru. Ryan Cote shares with us what got him started on his journey to better mornings and how you can join him in the adventure. 

In today's episode, Ryan shares the importance of keeping promises to yourself, the power of masterminds, and small daily habits are keys to personal growth. He shares if you can create 25-minutes to follow his morning routine,  you can change your life. 

Ryan makes it simple with a series of questions and tasks for you to follow to help you build the momentum you need for yourself. He says, "sometimes we need to take action, the behavior will create the feeling to keep going."

Ryan Cote is the Founder of Morning Upgrade, a business dedicated to raising awareness of morning routines and personal development. He is also co-owner of his family's marketing agency and a real estate investor. Ryan lives in New Jersey with his wife and 3 daughters.

Find more information on Ryan and his book by visiting https://morningupgrade.com/

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