In today's episode, I talk about a tool in the leadership toolbelt that you can use every day and will bring powerful insights, new sales, less overwhelm, and a more enjoyable work experience to all! If this sounds too good to be true, you'll have to give the episode a listen to test out this tool.

The tool is the power of 2-20 minute coaching conversations in the workplace. Share with you what I call the ABC St. of coaching and how you can use this method to unlock more potential in your employees than you ever knew was possible. 

This isn't an easy, simple hack but it works and will work for you IF you use coaching consistently. 

Check out today's episode to get the 411 or the ABCs. 

If you'd like to connect directly with me to learn more about how I help my clients use tools like this and unlock powerful mindsets and habits in their leadership, visit and let's get on a call together. 


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