Recently a colleague of mine unexpectedly lost her dad. What do you say in moments like this? How does someone deal with grief in the workplace and personally? 

Grief comes in many forms but it is fundamentally loss. Loss of a loved one, loss of an opportunity, loss of friendship, and many other things. In today's episode, we touch on a subject that all of us deal with in minor and major ways. 

Victoria Volk is a self-published author, Advanced Cert. Grief Recovery Specialist®, Creator & Podcast Host of Grieving Voices, Reiki Master, Cert. YouMap® Coach and End-of-Life Doula. She aims to use her strengths and skills through various offerings to help those whose lives have been upended by grief and loss go from surviving to thriving. 

As someone who experienced several significant losses between the ages of 6 to 12 but was unable to truly grieve these losses until her mid-thirties, Victoria is here to share part of her journey and the lessons she learned to help you as you work through your loss and grief. 

SAGE Leaders realize the importance of helping people through the various kinds and intensity of loss in life. In this episode, Victoria will help you become a better leader through her experiences and skills.

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