We all have obstacles we need to overcome. The better we understand what moves us, the easier it is to handle the challenges.

As someone who has had over 5 years of consistent soreness and pain, I can attest to the importance of knowing yourself and understanding how I react to pain and challenges. 

If you have fears, doubts, or frustrations at work or at home, the better you know how you are "wired" the easier it will be to respond rightly to those situations. 

When you take the time to pause and reflect. To find solitude and quietness in your life, you will discover what moves you in life. If you don't you will miss out on opportunities and not reach your potential in various areas of your life. 

When you get clarity, prosperity follows. Prosperity is not about your finances but your fulfillment. 

The clarity in your life allows you to overcome obstacles and take on new challenges because you know yourself at a deeper level. This was my story when I stepped away from my HR job. 

My life was not a reflection of my heart, I was mixed up. You could say my wires were crossed. But when I opened Gillette Solutions, it became a reflection of my heart and I began to thrive in my life and the business is following. 

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