In this episode, I talk about how we all struggle with confidence and how to overcome that little by little. We learn about how Contribution, Compassi...View Details

My guest on today's episode is Eric Nasalroad, I'm really excited to share this interview with you. Eric and I have a history that goes back to our wa...View Details

Before I introduce my guest today, let me share some of his wisdom. Here are two powerful comments from this episode.  "If somebody comes at you selli...View Details

My guest today is the CEO of Career Gig, which focuses on helping freelancers do their freelancing while getting all the benefits of being a regular e...View Details

Today I have Glen Cooper, a business broker, and coach in Denver, Colorado. He is the co-founder and managing partner of Colorado Business Brokers, a ...View Details

"Look into the pain to find purpose." That's one of many pieces of SAGE wisdom that my guest, Nathaneal Zurbruegg shared on this episode.  Nathaneal h...View Details

In today's episode, I interview award-winning Merchant Services provider Steven Quick. In this interview, Steven shares great insight on being there f...View Details

If you're like me, there are seasons where you feel held back. Like there's something in the way or someone (myself) preventing the opportunities and ...View Details

My guest on Today's episode is Nancy Leavitt a JD Power and Associates - Distinguished Agent. She is an agency owner with American Family Mutual Insur...View Details

My guest today is Jen Hope. She is an executive coach and business coach. She works with great companies that have mindful leaders. Jen helps her clie...View Details

In this episode I interview Dr. Connor Robertson who is a doctor of chiropractic and has shifted his focus to being a business consultant, podcast hos...View Details

"We can never disconnect our physical reality from the emotional and mental reality. Science has proven they go hand in hand." - Dr. Andrew Murry Dr. ...View Details

Welcome to a new episode of the SAGE mindset podcast, in today’s episode my guest is a 23 year veteran of practicing law. His insights into contractin...View Details

This episode was recorded live just before Thanksgiving but I wanted to post it this week because many of us are transitioning to a new phase of socia...View Details

Mark Jones is a 16 year veteran of the US air force, for 13 years he’s been the pastor of Wakefield Valley Bible Church, and he is also the owner of C...View Details

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