Dr. Ty Belknap ("Bellnap") went from being a homeless teenager to a techy-nerd and successful business owner. Now, with a Doctorate in Leadership and Coaching, he helps other business owners break the limiting beliefs that stop them from being successful. 

He embodies the idea that your success isn't about your worth but your mindset. Ty had a moment in his life when he realized change won't happen for him until the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of change. This realization opened his mind to realize you can be successful when you decide to be. 

This mindset shift catapulted his life and career to be able to impact 1000s of lives. In today's episode, Dr. Belknap speaks of his work with homeless youth in Tacoma (where he was homeless in the 80s), his educational journey both practically and institutionally, plus he shares insights from his book. 

To connect with Dr. Belknap, visit mycoach.life and look for his book Leadership for Introverts on Amazon. 

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