Welcome to another episode of the SAGE Mindset Podcast. Today’s episode features Ben Luts or Cypress Overland. He and his wife run an amazing business that allows you to get away from the busyness of life and business to enjoy time on the road doing off road adventures, camping, and even some luxury wining and dining! 

Is this episode, Ben shares his story of travels around the world and across the US to eventually (kind of by serdepity) purchase and begin running Cypress Overland. Ben says sometimes you need to take that ONE step to reveal what the next five steps are. 

Ben and his wife are a living example of this advice and the impact they are making on their customers shows the empowering affect of decisions like this and having an amazing wife to make a business run smoothly! 

You can learn more about Cypress Overland by visiting https://cypressoverland.com or checking them out on Instagram and Facebook.

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