In today's episode, we have a great guest for you. Jon Kovach Jr. is an award-winning and international motivational speaker and mastermind leader. Jon has helped thousands of professionals overcome their challenges and achieve their goals through his 4 Irrefutable Laws of High Performance.

He is also the Founder of Champion Circle Networking Association. Jon is a National #1 Best-Selling Author. Jon is the Mastermind Leader of the Habitude Warrior Mastermind and the Global Speakers Mastermind & Masterclass.

From this episode, you can expect to gain great insights about accountability, how to curate an environment to help people thrive, learn the importance of masterminds, and much much more.

Jon takes us on a journey as he shares powerful stories from when he experienced an amazing rite-of-passage hike with his family to his DJing days and getting stuck in a cave. Stay tuned for the whole episode because Jon brings the SAGE Insights.

To learn more about him, visit his linktree

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