When was the last time you were in flow in business or in a conversation? Do you remember what that was like? 

MaryKay shares her insights on how she uses checklists, silence, and many other techniques to provide the best for those she is interacting with. On this episode, she shares insights on how to look ahead and anticipate problems for customers to serve them at the highest level. 

We talk about how to refuel yourself from all the effort it takes to give and serve at this level. Additionally, we discuss the power of speaking things into existence and what that has done for both of us. Plus so much more. 

After a 20+ year career in sales, mortgage lending, and bank management, my guest, MaryKay Robinson become an award-winning Realtor. The combination of her past experiences and entrepreneurial mindset has led to great results for her clients. The heart of it all for MaryKay is to help people achieve the American Dream. 

If you'd like to find out more about MaryKay, please visit http://www.marykayrobinson.com She provides great content and insights on the state of the market in Whatcom county.

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