Do you have head trash? Do you have negative thoughts that are swirling around causing you to doubt yourself? In this interview with Renie Cavallari, we dive into our Head Trash. Sounds fun, right? Renie shares too many insights to include here but a few jumped out to me in our interview. People struggle to change their behaviors and most of us don't like to.

But when we go through a process to become aware of our potential, the desire to change grows significantly. Renie teaches us to do this through writing, getting feedback from others, and creating an environment that is safe for change.

In her book, HeadTrash: The Leading Killer of Human Potential she teaches readers to Own it, Shift it, and Dump it. With the two fundamental keys being to ask yourself the right powerful questions and to lean into gratitude. Renie shares her favorite questions to ask herself when the headtrash starts swirling around - Who do I want to be right now?

Who is Renie Cavallari (re-knee cav-a-laurie)? Known as a “dynamo who colors outside the lines, Renie Cavallari is an award-winning organizational anthropologist and member of the prestigious National Speakers Association. She is the owner of 4 companies, most notably the founder of Aspire, a globally awarded leadership development, training, and strategic growth firm; along with the RCI Institute, an awakening human potential research and leadership lab.

For over 25 years, Renie has worked with thousands of leaders and entrepreneurs around the globe to help their companies be better at what they do by providing practical, action-oriented applications, and proven processes to improve performance.

She is a Philly girl with a serious wanderlust problem; an aspiring jazz flutist, passionate cook, and the author of 6 books with her latest, HEADTRASH, the Leading Killer of Human Potential… an Amazon bestseller that recently won the best new business book from the prestigious Hollywood Book Festival Awards.

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