In this episode, Tyler shares several stories from his years performing and the lessons he learned in the process. He teaches us the power of story and speaking the raw naked truth about your life. Tyler reminds us that we all have stories to tell and when told well, you can impact people in profound ways.

When you tune in, you'll hear several examples of how to do this as Tyler shares some great stories. A great takeaway is don't share a story without a point and a point must have a story. In the second half of the interview, I coach Tyler about a mental block he is experiencing in his business. Make sure to tune into the second half so you don't miss it.

Tyler Foley is an accomplished film and stage performer and has been acting in film and television since he was 6 years old. He has appeared in productions including Freddy Vs Jason, Door to Door, Carrie, and the musical Ragtime. Tyler is passionate about helping others confidently take the stage and impact an audience with their stories. He is currently the Managing Director of Total Buy-In and author of the #1 best-selling book The Power to Speak Naked.

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